January 27, 2015

When Plans Fall Through

Sometimes you make plans and things just flow exactly as you had imagined they would. Other times mother nature comes in and changes those perfect plans. This weekend it was unseasonably warm but also very wet. It seriously rained for a few days straight. My plans that got spoiled involved me tackling a project that I have been putting off for forever.

Last summer I had purchased two of the infamous Ikea Rast chests. My intention is to take the basic pine tables and put my spin on them so they don't look so...cheap. Despite their really fantastic price point of a mere $35, they are actually really well constructed. Their height is perfect for a side table and are solid wood. The only thing I have to say that is the least bit negative about them is that they are a tad shallow. Ideally, they would be about a half of a foot deeper but I still really love them. 

These tables are probably the most hacked item that I have ever seen from Ikea. Hacking simply refers to taking a piece and putting your own design spin on it. Below are a few examples to simply show you the diversity of looks that you can achieve. 

My plan for our Rast chests was to stain the outer box of the unit and paint the three drawers white. Pretty simple stuff but I have never EVER painted or stained a piece of furniture in my life.

Then the rain came.

After I had accepted the fact that my end tables were going to be naked for at least another week I curled up on the couch with my iPad planning out the rest of our bedroom makeover. One design dilemma is that Evan and I really do not have a use for a bedroom dresser. I have organizers in each of our closets that totally house all of our clothing. But not having a dresser in a bedroom really makes things feel unbalanced.

A solution that I decided on for this space was to get a console table that I can dress up with lamps and some decorative accessories. The piece that Evan and I have both agreed on fit both of our tastes and budget.

I found this piece of furniture on the very day I was supposed to be finishing our side tables. What had started out as a bad thing was actually very serendipitous for me. Had I finished our side tables this console table that I really love would not have fit in with anything else in the room. 

Once I saw it I had a new plan! I was going to try to *somewhat* replicate the finish on the piece from World Market. In person the stain seems to be a little warmer than your traditional oak with a white wash finish applied to the top. 

I think that my best way to achieve this look would be to stain the two side tables then lime them. 

Originally wood was limed as a way to keep parasites out. After awhile, however, this finish actually became more of a fashionable statement rather than an essential one. 

Once I get my new hardware in i'm going to finally tackle this project. If anyone has any advice I am all ears!


  1. I actually really like this blog, noticed your reddit post. I would have like to have seen your process with the staining of the bedside tables. I know I know very little about changing furniture or decorating, but what is the world market?

  2. Aww shucks! Thank-you so much for checking things out. I'm actually going to do a step by step for finishing the side tables in coming weeks. Kind of waiting for some warm, sunny weather so I can get outside! You can follow this blog on Facebook, Instagram and even subscribe by email so you know when i update things around here (click the icons on the top right hand side of my blog). :) Also, World Market is a store in the United States. I'm not sure where they ship to but here is the link if you want to check it out: www.worldmarket.com