January 6, 2015

Girl's Room Design: Windows

After a little holiday hiatus i'm ready to plunge back into things with this girl's room redesign.

I'm not sure what it is but to me curtains are something that can make the biggest difference. I think that this is especially the case if you find yourself in a rental, unable or unwilling to paint the walls. That is why I think I white/cream wall really needs a colorful curtain.

Since moving to Raleigh I discovered World Market. I think that some of their price points are a little high bit there are certain items in the store that really are a deal! One of my favorite finds this weekend was their velvet curtains. I think that these are fantastic for a kid's room because velvet is so think that it naturally helps to block out a lot of light. I think that the full length picture online does not do them justice so here is a close up picture to show the great texture that have.

These are currently 50% off which means they *might* not be restocked once they are sold out. Another quality that I like about these particular curtains is that they can slide on to a rod or can be clipped with rings for a different look.

Another curtain that I stumbled upon are darling white cotton curtains that have a smocking detail at the top. They remind me of summer dresses for little girls and would be a great choice if you were to paint the walls in the child's bedroom.

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