January 6, 2015

Girl's Room Design: Bedding


In choosing kids bedding I like to go with duvets over comforter's because of how easy they are to wash and they are usually at a lower price point. When I started looking for the bedding for this redesign I stumbled upon designer, Cath Kidson. She captured that girly, vintage look that I was going for perfectly. I mean come one! Check out this gorgeous bedding! While I love each of these immensely I adore the Antique Rose print the best.

Pillow and Throw Blankets

Since this will be a bed for a kid you should try not to make it as complicated as you would a bed for an adult or older child. I'would stick to just one or two accent pillows with a quilt or throw blanket at the end of the bed.

Final Choices:

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