December 22, 2014

Girl's Room Design: Furniture

Something that I love doing is helping other's with the decor dilemmas. One of my friends recently asked for some inspiration on a room for her daughter. I was really excited to put something together for her. one of the most important things to remember is that this is a kid's room. While you want it to be pretty and have style it also has to be forgiving. You can't expect it to stay perfect nor should you be tempted into buying things that break they bank no matter how much you love it (Looking at you Land of Nod).

Since this is a girl's room I wanted to keep things light and airy. I think natural wood and darker furniture would be too heavy for the design I decided that white furniture would be the best route to take. Also white is neutral so it's easy to transition the room design as the child grows. For bed size my friend wants to go with a twin because a full seems to big but toddler sized furniture seems like too big of an investment for the small window of time that it would be useful. If you are like my sister you like to nap with you kids and a toddler bed would definitely not fit the bill.

Headboards Under $50

Wall Decals are a great budget option. The variety is huge and I have found the best place to get a big variety of designs and color is Etsy. Below are a few of my favorites! If you are extra handy with a paint brush consider painting the headboard onto your wall with the help of a projector. Not only is the price point on these a great option but they are extremely customizable with sellers have a huge variety of color choices. 

Headboards Under $100

If you are looking for a more traditional headboard you can still get a great deal on sites like Amazon, Overstock, and Wayfair. One benefit to sites like these is that they usually have great return policies if it was not what you had envisioned as well as reviews right on the product page. 


One thing to remember when choosing furniture is what you actually need versus what you think you need. I think that for children it is also important to pick furniture that is accessible to them since its their room. I think that there are three essential pieces aside from the bed: side table, storage, and a dresser. 

My favorite storage option comes from Ikea. This is a great source for children's furniture because the price point is always great. Another reason that it works great for kids' rooms is that the furniture is meant to be extremely purposeful and useful for organizing smaller spaces. I love the rattan baskets with this shelf unit because I think that it brings texture and warmth to the room. The size of the shelves is also great for books and various decor. I would probably place two of the self units together with the rattan basket along the bottom row for storage. The shelves also come in light pink and light green if you wanted to bring more color to the space. 

My nightstand and dresser choices also come from Ikea because the price is really hard to beat. Though they may not be solid wood the finish holds up really well and isn't easily damaged by spills or collect water rings from glasses who didn't make it to the coasters. 

The easiest way to take furniture from places like Ikea and customize them is by adding different hardware. This makes the piece look more custom and pulls the room together. 

While you could definitely spray paint the existing hardware here are a few that i'm really loving. I think that just the classic ring pulls would probably be the best price and easiest for little hands to use. 

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