December 21, 2014

Rules My Mother Taught Me

My mom has always had a great eye for interior design. While our tastes aren't exactly the same she has always told me a few rules that should apply to anyone with any type of interior style preference.

Rule One: Linens

White linens are a must! This is not necessarily a design decision more of a practical one. Now, i'm not saying that everything has to be white. Think about the fabrics that get the most wear and contact from us each and every day. Bath towels, kitchen towels, sheets and pillow cases are things best left white. I know that newlywed me felt like white would be hardest to keep clean but years of marriage to a husband who is hard on everything has taught me that the opposite is true! My best friends when it comes to keeping a clean house is bleach. Though white linens may appear dirty sooner they are the easiest to wash and can look newer longer. In fact, next time you are staying in a hotel check the linens, there is a reason why everything besides the quilt is white!

Rule Two: Curtains

One of the biggest misconceptions to curtains is that you work with the windows first and the room second for their placement measurements. The opposite it actually true. Now what does that mean? It means that you place the curtains a few inches below where your wall meets your ceiling--- do this instead of hanging them a few inches above top of your window. This opens up the room and frames everything better for a more open looking space.

Rule Three: Accent Color(s)

I really like neutral rooms because they lend themselves well to my changing tastes. Having a neutral sofa or furniture lets you incorporate your changing tastes through accent pieces like art, throw pillows/ blankets and accessories. You should always have at least one accent color but ideally you would choose two. A good rule of thumb that applies to both the designs of a room or a good outfit is to look at a color wheel to choose complimentary tones. Pick a color that you like then look straight across from it to choose a color that will work well with it.

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