January 6, 2015

Girl's Room Design: Lighting

While others may have skeletons in their closets I have lamps. It's one of my dirty little secret. I love lamps. Call me Brick from Anchorman but it's true. They are one of my favorite Goodwill and Thrift Store finds because they are usually so cheap! When I was younger my mom would see a cheap lamp with a broken or bent shade and say to me, "It is the shade that is expensive". Now, that used to be the case but now stores like Walmart and Target keep new lamp shades in their general inventory. Another thing to remember is to not be afraid if you get one that doesn't work. Any hardware store carries kits to easily rewire lamps for under $15. I rewired one of my crystal lamps that I scored for only $0.50 by watching a 10 minutes youtube video! However, if this seems too daunting lamps are pretty easy to come by cheaply is you know where to look.

Urban Outfitters and Mod Cloth carries these precious Woodland creature night light. While these definitely would not be a reading light, I think that they would make great soft light. At only $12 a pop they are hard to pass up.

Another lamp that I would really dig for this room would be an Eyeball Sconce. I think sconces are a great idea for a kid's room because it gives them one less thing that they can knock over and break. Win-win for everyone, folks. I love them in this gold color because they would be a nod to the hardware suggestions in the post about furniture.

Now, these next lamps are a nod to my little 5 year old niece. When my sister was redoing her room and asked what she would like she added that she wanted to keep things "a little vintagey". She is a girl after my own heart and so are these lamps. They look like something that you would find in your grandma's house. While you could choose just one I think that it would be so precious to have both displayed in the room. 

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