November 10, 2014

Makeover Monday

So my husband and I are moving addicts. Not in the way that we enjoy it. One thing that I do enjoy, however, is redecorating. Now, I haven't done a full on room makeover for my living room in nearly five years. A lot of our stuff is starting to show wear and its just time.

I was still in college when I put together my current living room. That means I was working with a college budget. A lot of our things are from IKEA and while I LOVE them I think that you have to be careful to incorporate pieces to keep from looking like a showroom from Sweden. 

For an idea of what I'm currently working with here is my pretty bland living room. 

I like nearly all of the things in this room individually but it doesn't feel very warm or inviting. The two blue pillows on the couch are actually adorning our guest bedroom right now so it is even more bland now than it is in the photo. 

The two things that I am definitely going to keep in the redesign are the two lamps. They are Threshold brand from Target. They can be found here but they are selling with different shades than how mine came with a few years ago. I was unsure about the resin that they are made of but found them very heavy and sturdy. 

Now onto my plans for the redesign!

My new place has a quite large, open living space that is to serve as the dining room and and living room. Because of this I will be switching from having a couch and love seat combo to a couch with at least one chair. 

Here is what my new downstairs floor plan looks like. 

It's definitely a downsize from my current place but I think it will be so cozy once I put it together. 

My husband, Evan, has been crushing on those gorgeous $8000 couches from Restoration Hardware for year now but I'm not really sure of how leather will handle the wear and tear our furniture gets from our animals, especially our dog, Penny. The price is definitely not something I am a fan of either. Because of this I'm leaning towards a linen couch like this one from Bryght or this one from The Every Girl's line with Interior Define. Each has the classic English roll arm resting on caster clad feet. 

Below is a little inspiration board I put together to try to organize my ideas for the new space.

You can also keep track of where I am at with the redesign by following my Lynnwood Living Room board on Pinterest.

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  1. Do you think you could do a post where you have a higher end design and a more affordable one in this style?