November 6, 2014

HO HO Hold up.

I know what you are thinking. The rule is that we must wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to really get into the Christmas spirit. While I usually abide by that rule, sheer boredom got the best of me when I decided to revisit a project that I had done in years past.

Back before Pinterest was as wide spread, I stumbled across Katie Bower's post where she detailed how to DIY a Pottery Barn painting of Santa Claus. Originally I had followed her directions by taking a silver sharpie to a square canvas, however it just was not as bold as I'd hoped it would be on my walls so I went back over it with black acrylic paint that I had lying around.

As you can see he turned out looking pretty Jolly on the wall above my desk. I was also pretty happy with the decision to paint over it in black because the silver just blended in to easily with my wall color.

Canvases are a pretty inexpensive medium to craft with but are delicate especially when they are not framed. I found this to be true when we were moving and I unloaded St Nick only to find that he had been scuffed and warped on the journey to our new home.

I chalked it up to a loss until an urge to craft struck me a few days ago. I had thrifted a very sturdy well made picture because I like the frame a few months ago with plans to try to turn it into something I could use and this St Nick picture was perfect! I followed the same grid technique that Katie details over on her blog.

I think that the thick, gilded frame will really add to my holiday decor and help to protect it in future moves by making it more sturdy. It could also be really fun to maybe channel Andy Warhol and trade in the black for red or green! The jury is still out on whether or not to paint the frame as well. What are your thoughts?

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