March 25, 2015

Remember Me?

I know it's been awhile since I have blogged last but don't think for a second that I haven't been thinking of new content during my sabbatical. Over the course of the past few weeks I decided that our master bedroom really needed a facelift. We were sleeping on mismatched sheets and bedding that I just threw  together for the sake of warmth. Embarrassingly enough, our mattress did not even had a frame because we had been too busy to pick one up, unsure that it would fit in our little Civic. 

Here is where we are at today!

I stumbled into Pottery Barn while Christmas shopping last year and fell in love with some bedding that really kicked off some concrete plans for our room. If you had described it to me without be seeing a picture I would have nixed it. It's brown and gold paisley...PAISLEY! Not my typical taste at all! However, I seriously love this bedding. 

Once the holiday season slowed down I meandered my way back to Pottery Barn to purchase my bedding only to find that it is no longer available in my local stores. It's called Joli Paisley and can be found here

While I sulked over a green tea latte from Starbucks Evan suggested we check Ebay. I did a quick search with my phone and voila ---there she was in all her paisley beauty was my bedding set $60 cheaper than retail, brand new in the package. 

When it arrived I "went shopping" in my storage closet. I have a thing for bedding and was actually able to nearly finish things off with stuff I already had but had not used in some time. Because I had a few things to choose from I made and unmade the bed about a dozen times trying to figure out what look I liked best. 

Here are some of the combinations that didn't make the cut so you can see my process on how I figure out what looks best with what.

You'll have to excuse the practice pics because I was losing light in our room by the time I took them and didn't iron anything because ironing is terrible and I hate it. 

While none of the above options are terrible I think that the taupe linen duvet was kind of boring and looked washed out when paired with the paisley duvet. I even tried it in two different positions but still didn't really like it. As far as the different pillows are concerned, the cream ones actually leaned a little bit green in person, the white I thought were slightly too big and bright, while the blue was close to what I wanted I knew we weren't there yet. 

That's when I remembered that I actually had a silk, slightly paler blue duvet also stored away. You can see the subtle differences in the color of the duvet and pillow below. 

Since the throw pillows above didn't look quite right I went up the road from our house to Home Goods and found the caramel brown pillows in the final picture at the top. They were only $30 for two, were down filled and matched the bedding perfectly. The brand for the brown velvet throw pillows is Newport, I couldn't find them online but similar pillows can be found here.

I still have a pretty substantial to do list but things are definitely coming together. 

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