January 9, 2015

Living Room: Design Board

Last Thursday I had mentioned that I was charting a new course for our living room. After getting the go ahead from Evan for a more girly theme to the room I have my rough plan pretty much ready to go. I also have established a budget of $1500 to complete this space.

My living room set up is a little strange. My townhouse has a bottom level that is basically two rooms, the galley kitchen and a great room. The great room contains our dining room, living space and my "office" area.

The space towards the back of the room between the two closets is lined with windows so I have plans to make a reading nook.

I have my desk and our book shelves line the right side wall with our dining room set up on the opposite end. This put our living room right in the middle of things.

Keeping the space open and easily navigable is the biggest design dilemma in the room. But my new plans actually reduce my furniture size so I don't foresee this being a huge problem.

Here is what my design currently looks like. I'm not set on any of these exact items but the style of the room won't change much.

Once I feel confident in my choices i'll start assembling my artwork and room accessories to pull it all together!

Too feminine? Stay with the more neutral design? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Hi! Where are these pillows from?